John Francis Mariano

Progressive Blues Rock

Highly Original


Vermilion Skies, EP

Take the sci-fi, psychedelic journey that resonates with the inner search of our present moment.

Music by B Henry D Thomason,  Lyrics by Judy Faust and John Francis Mariano, Vocal and Melody John Francis Mariano.

Uplifting music video about the beauty of Brazil.

Written by Billy Henry and John Francis Mariano.

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Musician Billy Henry from Wales, is now collaborating with John. John writes, performs, and records his new melody and parts layered with Billy's original tracks. What a combo of talents!

Here are a few finished ones for an upcoming EP collection.

Billy's sultry, struttin' groove is the basis for John's melody and lyrics that give this a song about lust an irresistable spin. On top of that, John and Judy worked up a more abstract kind of treatment in this music video.

A scathing, Hard Rockin' look at the music industry of today and why it's rare to hear

original rock these days.

Here's the newest Billy Henry and John Francis Mariano collaboration, this time it's a rock ballad love song. The ending features an incredible vocal delivery of the climatic story with a lot of surprising musical textures and rhythmic changes.

Vermillian Skies Audio EP special collection


Vermillian Skies Video Set special collection


Wow. More sixties than the sixties! The music and words go well with the video. Just in time too. Acid is back with doctors touting its therapeutic qualities.

~ Michael Callais

Great one, John! Avante!

~Adriano Sanches

Nice intro! Lots of salty, sultry, love stuff...

Nice groove, John!

~Big Smoke Guitar