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Preparing For The Voyage is a short cinematic instrumental introduction that touches memory and emotions of change and hope. It segues into Nordika, a sweeping aural vista of spontaneous creativity one Saturday afternoon, with a double neck Carlo Robelli guitar as the tool of expression. The PBS documentary on The Vikings sparked the song into fruition. The whole recording session was done in John's apartment in about three hours in March of 2020.

Watching analog needles just before they peaked as power chords from the 6 string on the Carlo Robelli added a controlled sound of tube amp crunch just beneath the audio waves of surging harmonic intervals in the guitar tracks. What resulted was what John considered his perfect moment in music.

He then added drums, bass, and lead guitar and unorthodox backing vocals ranging from low doubling to ridiculously high harmonies. All this was done in one take, for it was an experiment to begin with that turned into a leap of faith. In fact, it stars as the name of the whole new album, Nordika. Mariano's lyrics poetically tell of the time of the early Vikings, when Nature was abundant, and adventure was a way of life, told with a gentleness few associate with Vikings.

Listen carefully to this brief interview because in the background while John talks, Nordika soothes the soul. Then you'll hear a piece of another new song, Rural American Blues. followed by a grand finale of My Baby Sings The Blues at the end of its funky break.


Nordika Audio Album


Separate Audio Nordika tracks

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Probably the best song you ever wrote. That intro is epic!!

~J Grady