John Francis Mariano

Progressive Blues Rock

Highly Original


Gasoline Station was the experiment of blending Mississippi Roadhouse Blues with a Muddy Waters type vocal, inspired by the Edward Abbey novel, Desert Solitaire. It's one joyous, Rockin' Bluesy romp that would do R.L Burnside proud.

John Francis Mariano's most agonizing yet sweeping stereo ballad with a haunting slide guitar about leaving home when you know a relationship is over.

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Loose Trax

1.99 Southbound Train Audio single

2.99 Southbound Train Video single

1.99 Gasoline Station Audio single

2.99 Gasoline Station Music video single

John cooks up another love song, with a memorable chorus, but this time it's about a long distance relationship, the kind that many search for online, about someone they've never met. He's infused a sweetness into a very modern and strange kind of "love".

1.99 Five Thousand Miles Away,  Audio single

2.99 Five Thousand Miles Away,  music video

Pagan explores the lowest consciousness of today's global culture with a catchy tongue-in-cheek funky rockin' romp inviting the viewer to dance and sing along as we all see a bit of ourselves in this music video.

1.99 Pagan,  Audio single

2.99 Pagan,  music video