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For me, first there was the house, a modest worn ranch on the edge of the endless forest in Central Massachusetts, where a ragtag assemblage of musicians of all ages got together to jam, first once a week, then seven days a week. Within this eclectic mix I wrote songs to the hum of a used old dryer and a record collection, heavy in R & B, Motown, Stax, Aretha, and the Rascals, and of course, John Lee Hooker.  Since then, I've expanded my range of styles (blues, rock, funk, soul, ballads) mixed them up, added stories, twists and surprises in the song structures and packed each with raw emotions.

The first album, Nordika, (below) heats right up with a Hard Rock look at addictions, a Rock N Roll fantasy romp, glimpse of the early Vikings, a funk tune about the pandemic, a wild road trip, a song about unpredictable times,

a blues-funk crooner that gets you dancing, a heart wrenching love song, an experimental pop song with a killer guitar solo, and finally, a triumphant piece about struggling to find one's place in the music world.

Vermillian Skies, an upcoming ELP collection, resulted from a brand new collaboration with multi-platinum artist, Billy Henry from the UK. Billy Henry's rich tracks provided the perfect place for John's writing talents in melody and soulful singing.

Loose Trax is where you'll find album music before it goes to a collection or album. Hint, a blues album is a comin'.


Nordika Audio Album


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Nobody has written like this in a very long time and I hope it says something

about how music is changing for the Good.

~ Richard Cramp


Nordika Videos Set